RACE is joining Equal by 30

RACE for 2030 is excited to announce that we are joining the Equal by 30 initiative. RACE will be building on our diversity and inclusion strategy focusing on gender equality, leadership development and equal pay across the business. There are already many women working at RACE with a 50/50 split of female and male board members, and 16 women in our workforce of 26 employees. Whilst we strive towards a clean energy future, we could not be where we are today without an inclusive workplace filled with diverse individuals.  

What is Equal by 2030? 

As of 2023, in Australia, women account for 39% of the clean energy workforce but the number is lower in leadership positions. In other countries, there is a bigger gap between the percentage of men and women’s participation in the workforce. The main goal of the Equal by 30 initiative is to drive change for equal pay, equal opportunities and equal leadership for women in the clean energy sector by 2030.  

Equal by 30 was launched in 2018 and since then it has reached over 180 signatories worldwide. Corporations are all from the energy industry, focusing on various areas such as energy efficiency, clean technology and renewables. The campaign has expanded to 13 national governments, with the Australian government joining in November 2021.  

Our pledge 

RACE recognises the clear imbalance and gender gap that is present in the energy sector.  

As part of our Equal by 30 pledge we will continue building on advancing gender equality in the clean energy sector and endorse the four main principles: 

  1. Set a standard for equal opportunity, striving towards a more gender-diverse recruitment and advancement processes. By prioritising these goals, we hope to make greater progress and integrate equality and diversity focused policies in our company. 
  2. We will take action to support, develop and empower women, actively trying to close the gender pay gap. 
  3. We will enhance our gender diversity policies, programs, and initiatives through what we hope to share our own experience and knowledge and create a more inclusive environment.
  4. We understand that tracking and openly reporting on our progress is essential for seeing change. We will make every effort to obtain meaningful data to support our efforts and shape our next action according to the information we have. 

At RACE for 2030 we always work to achieve a better future and by joining the initiative we want to reinforce our commitment. We know that diversity leads to more innovative solutions and ideas and along with transparency and accountability we hope to build an environment where women feel heard and supported.  

‘’RACE for 2030 is pleased to sign onto Equal by 30, and strongly supports advancing gender equality in the energy sector, both through action within our organisation as well as encouraging our partners to participate.’’ – Jon Jutsen