About Us

Drive innovation for a secure, affordable, clean energy future



We are an industry led cooperative research centre established in 2020 with $68.5M of Commonwealth funding.


The remainder of our resources come from our 80+ partners who cover the whole value chain from end user back to network, technology companies, governments, and many of Australia’s leading energy researchers. We will invest $350m of resources over 10 years to catalyse lower energy costs and a substantial reduction in carbon emissions.

The research is organised in five programs: RACE for Business, RACE for Homes, RACE for Networks, RACE for EVs, RACE for Change (covering cross-sectoral issues). RACE’s research learnings will be driven into the market through our market transformation programs to deliver our targets of reducing energy costs, cutting carbon emissions and increasing customer load flexibility to allow increased penetration of renewables in the grid and increased reliability.

We want our legacy to be transformative and sustainable change in energy services and carbon emissions.

Visit our Corporate Documents page for our strategy.