RACE in partnership with EEC – Key moments!



Hear from the experts!

The 2024 Industrial Decarbonisation Summit and National Energy Efficiency Conference, took place at UNSW’s Roundhouse in Sydney on the 14-16 May brought together experts from across the energy industry.

We were pleased to host Amory Lovins, from the Rocky Mountain Institute.

Catch up on all the RACE for 2030 hosted sessions and keynote speeches below!

Opening Address – Jon Jutsen

Amory Lovins – Keynote at the Industrial Decarbonisation Summit

Panel session with Amory Lovins – Putting policy to work to scale industrial decarbonisation

Address – Accelerating transformation with digital technologies – Bill Lilley (RACE CEO)

Panel session – Scaling solutions – products services skills supply chains and innovations that will deliver net zero industry

Panel session with Amory Lovins – Can we fix it? Rethinking the tools to deliver industrial decarbonisation

Amory Lovins – Keynote at National Energy Efficiency Conference

Panel discussion – Electrification nation: Australia’s role in a global transformation

Armchair conversation Amory Lovins and Jon Jutsen