Chief Investigators

A/Prof. Charlie Hargroves  (Curtin University)

Purpose of project

The rapid uptake of Electric Vehicles (EVs) is creating a growing number of new opportunities across both the energy and transport sectors. The Australian Strategic Electric Vehicle Integration (SEVI) project is embedding research into integrated electric vehicle and energy storage demonstrations to better understand the opportunities and challenges this poses. SEVI is a RACE for 2030 CRC industry research project that was initiated in February 2023 for an initial three-year period. The project has a budget of $3.4m, along with partner in-kind contributions, and will undertake a deep dive of demonstration projects in NSW, WA and SA. The project focuses on enhancing and learning from a carefully selected set of RACE for 2030 partner led projects. The project is co-led by two of Australia’s leading demand-driven research institutes, the Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute (CUSP) at Curtin University and the Institute for Sustainable Futures (ISF) at UTS.

Impact of project

Harnessing the full potential of integrated EVs and energy storage stands to deliver a wide range of benefits: 

  • The project will seek impact through demonstrating the functionality of EVs and amplifying their impact through three partner-led demonstration projects and subsequent knowledge dissemination.  
  • Managed charging benefits with the potential for peak load reduction, reduced infrastructure requirements and increased uptake of vehicles will all be possible impacts of this research project. 
  • Knowledge sharing and communication of key findings will take place via videos and industry-focused reports for each demonstration site. Industry training modules will support the Australian Power Institute to  build capacity plans and a final project report will inform wider practice. 

Results from this project will build understanding and confidence in the benefits of integrated EVs among consumers, industry, and policymakers. 

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Industry Reference Group members

AEMO, ARENA, CSIRO, Energy Consumers Australia (ECA), iMove CRC,  National Transport Research Organisation (NTRO), Smart Energy Council and Transport Certification Australia (TCA)

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