Curtailment and network voltage analysis study (CANVAS)


Chief Investigators

Purpose of project

In parts of the network, higher penetration of distributed energy resources (DER) is pushing voltages – that are traditionally set high – beyond the recommended thresholds. When voltages increase beyond the recommended levels, DER inverters can reduce their outputs or completely turn off, causing financial losses for the owners (i.e. curtailment). DER presents many opportunities and benefits to consumers and networks. However, there remains a limited evidence base regarding the extent and severity of DER curtailment in Australia, and its potential role in assisting network voltage management.

Improved understanding of curtailment can support the integration of higher levels of DER.

Impact of project

Quantify and improve our understanding of curtailment by studying a fleet of Virtual Power Plant (VPP) residential participants located in South Australia, and their inverter operation. Understand energy user perceptions of curtailment and fairness of curtailment.

Project partners – industry and research

UNSW (Lead), AGL, SAPN, Solar Analytics

Completion date

October 2021

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