Benchmarking customer priorities and
trust in the energy sector

Chief Investigators

Purpose of project

The transition to clean energy will be highly influenced by customer preferences and behaviour. To ensure a smooth and effective transition, the energy industry needs to build trust and adopt a shared value mindset that involves a better collaboration with consumers and a greater understanding of customer priorities. This will increase customer engagement in renewable resources and programs. This project will explore four key questions:

1. What are customers’ priorities for their energy system?
2. What are customers’ current trust levels in the energy system?
3. Who are the key actors in the energy system that play a key role in building trust?
4. Where are the leverage points in the energy system that can build trust (and reduce

The answers to these questions will drive positive customer outcomes including reduced energy bills and lower emissions, as well as network-level outcomes like improved reliability and system efficiency, which in turn result in energy that is more affordable for all customers

Impact of project

This project is important for developing successful policies and programs that contribute to reduced energy bills and lower carbon emissions. In the short term, the E1 RACE for 2030 Theme will focus on determining customer priorities and building trust between customers and the energy sector. As a result, better policies and programs will be introduced that will motivate positive societal outcomes. In the longer term, it is expected that there is an improved understanding of customer preferences in the energy system and greater trust in the energy sector. Changing consumer behaviours and better collaboration will allow a more fair and just energy transition.

If acted upon, in the long term, the outputs of this project will enhance consumer involvement in the energy transition and foster trust that will result to reduced energy hardship and improved energy productivity.


Project partners – industry and research

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) (Lead), Ausgrid, Brighte, Western Power

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