9 August 2023

Following the initiation of the Stage 2 of the project the Steering Committee (SC) and Industry Reference Group (IRG) were formed. The first SC Meeting was held on the 11th of May 2023 with the aim of ensuring Steering Partners were clear on the terms of reference of the role, were provided an update on progress, and briefed on the future project direction leading up to the next meeting. The first IRG meeting was held on the 11th of May 2023 with the aim to ensure that IRG members were also clear on their role, updated on project progress and future project direction, and provided a space to share relevant insights and highlight important considerations for the project. 

The project is investigating a selection of early-stage use cases for EVs in Fleets, Precincts, and Regions, through a process of co-design and collaborative implementation with industry partners over an initial three-year period. These early-stage use cases are being investigated through demonstration projects which have been identified by the SEVI project managers during Stage 1 of the project, and further developed by bringing together RACE for 2030 partners to collaborate on project design and implementation. Demonstration projects will be undertaken across multiple states and will feature a mix of customer types (both fleet and private vehicles), business and operating models (public and private), options for managed charging (and bidirectional charging when available), and interaction with a variety of co-located energy storage systems of different scales (with a focus on behind business meter distribution scale storage).