Business Customer Alliance

RACE has engaged A2EP to establish an alliance with some 40 business end customers. The purpose of the alliance is for RACE partners to have easy access to business customers to inform and participate in RACE projects, as an avenue to share the findings of their research and to encourage business to adopt the findings. The alliance will be ongoing. The industry sectors that will be involved are based on the interest in the food value chain, responses to the RACE partner priorities survey and other insights we have gathered from conversations with our partners. These will change over time based on the research interests and needs of RACE partners. The initial sectors include:

  • Agriculture and horticulture
  • Food and beverage
  • Cold Stores
  • Food Services and retail
  • Water and
  • Commercial buildings

For more information about the Business Customer Alliance, contact Martina at RACE  or Jarrod at A2EP