Low voltage network visibility and optimising DER hosting capacity

Chief Investigators

Brian Spak (CSIRO)

Purpose of project

This Opportunity Assessment will gather and combine the current state of knowledge and practice in improving the ability of electricity network operators to measure and observe the low voltage network to which PV and other DER connect. This is necessary in order to quantify and then improve the ability of these organisations to integrate larger numbers of DER’s into the grid.

Impact of project

With the 13,000 MW in 2020 of rooftop PV forecast to rise to more than 25,000MW by 2030, it is critical that this capacity is fully utilised. This will only be possible with successful outcomes in rolling out LV Network Visibility combined with hosting capacity enhancements. This will unlock significant value with even a 2% increase in hosting capacity providing consumer benefit of $50M/annum.

Project partners – industry and research

CSIRO (Lead), AGL, Ausgrid, Australian Energy Market Operator, C4Net, DEECA, DPIE, Electric power Research Institute (USA), Energy Networks Australia, Energy Security Board, Horizon Power, Monash University, Solar Analytics, SwitchDin, UNSW, UTS, Zeppelin Bend

Industry Reference Group members

ACOSS, AER, ANU, ARENA, Clean Energy Council, CSIRO, SA Power Networks, Tesla, Total Environment Centre

Completion date

September 2021

Project code


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