Behavioural Insights for the Energy Sector

Chief Investigators

Purpose of project

The energy sector is going through unprecedented transformation. Technological advancements, updated societal values and changes to regulations are pushing the sector away from large-scale fossil fuel generation and towards smaller-scale, widely dispersed renewable energy sources. The energy industry now needs to focus more on customer demands, an approach that has been overlooked by the sector. This project aims to help the energy industry, advocacy groups and policymakers understand consumer behaviours so they can:

  • Make better decisions in their external and internal environment based on insights from customer behaviours·
  • Create initiatives based on customer needs and wants 
  • Develop strategies that address the factors that influence those behaviours

Impact of project

Changing global energy sources and supporting the transition to renewable energy is key for a better and cleaner future. This future partly depends on how consumers view this transition and their actions that drive their decision-making when choosing an energy source. Through the development of reports, how-to guides, infographics and policy/process recommendations, this project aims to highlight the role consumers play in shaping a liveable future. It will drive impact by:

  • Improving understanding of energy consumers’ values, beliefs and behaviour about the energy sector
  • Developing evidence to support customer-centric processes and strategies in energy organisations that will help facilitate a smoother transition to a renewable energy future
  • Supporting the development of a collaborative relationship between customers and the energy industry

Project partners – industry and research

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) (Lead), Essential Energy

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Page last updated 19 December 2023