Opportunity Assessment Reports

RACE for Business

  • Transforming energy productivity through value chains

    The report is a review of existing literature and research opportunities for transforming energy productivity through value chains…

  • Electrification and renewables to displace fossil fuel process heating

    In Australia, industry consumers nearly half of the total end use energy, out of which, 37% is used in process heat, representing approximately 750 PJ/yr…

  • Flexible demand and demand control

    The RACE for 2030 CRC has commissioned an opportunity assessment on flexible demand and demand control...

  • Industry 4.0 for energy productivity

    This opportunity assessment report explores the various benefits, barriers, regulation, and business models currently available for Industry 4.0 technologies

  • Anaerobic digestion for electricity, transport and gas

    The aim of this Opportunity Assessment for Anaerobic Digestion (AD) in Australia is to deliver a research roadmap that identifies the most impactful projects to 2030 that create new markets and scale-up the biogas industry in Australia..

RACE for Homes

  • Residential solar pre-cooling and pre-heating

    This OA is a scoping study to determine what is currently understood about residential solar pre-cooling and pre-heating…

  • Rewarding flexible demand: Customer friendly cost reflective tariffs and incentives

    This OA presents a roadmap of proposed research and industry development to increase flexibility of household electricity use and generation through initiatives.

  • Enhancing home thermal efficiency

    The RACE for 2030 Cooperative Research Centre (RACE for 2030) commissioned this Opportunity Assessment on Enhancing home thermal efficiency (Research Theme H2), to identify priority research areas to accelerate the adoption of home thermal efficiency.

  • Facilitating smarter homes

    This OA “Facilitating smarter homes” reviews the potential for maximising benefits of smart home energy management systems (HEMS) and solar & battery technologies for households directly as well as for providing benefits for the grid.

RACE for Networks

  • Low voltage network visibility and optimising DER hosting capacity

    More so than anywhere in the world, Australia’s electricity customers are choosing to spend their money on rooftop PV systems…

  • Local DER network solutions

    In 2023, over 3.36 million photovoltaic systems have already been installed across Australia, with a combined capacity of over 29.7 gigawatts. Future energy systems are becoming more decentralised, and many traditional electricity users are no longer just power consumers,

  • Distribution System Operator and Beyond

    This Opportunity Assessment - Distribution System Operator (DSO) and beyond: Optimising Planning and Regulation for Demand Management (DM) and Distributed Energy Resources (DER), addresses the Networks research theme of ‘DSO and Beyond’ which looks at...

RACE for EVs

  • Electric vehicles and the grid

    Uptake of Electric Vehicles will very likely accelerate over the coming years, with upper end projections of share of new sales of all vehicles…

RACE for Change

  • Trust-building for collaborative win-win solutions

    The E1 Research Theme draws together three crucial and related but inadequately understood elements for building trust in the Australian energy sector…

  • Developing the future energy workforce

    Australia’s ability to reach net zero emissions and realise the opportunities offered by such a transformation is intrinsically linked…

  • Smarter Planning For the Energy Transition

    This Opportunity Assessment evaluates the current anticipatory planning capacity of the Australian energy system and looks for opportunities for improvement...